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There is nothing different between ours and the ones you buy at Lowes. They are built in Greeneville, Tennessee and are no less of a tractor than what you would by here. If you look at the back of the tractor around the seat, you will actually see our logo on them. We are actually the ones who go out and set up the tractors for Lowes and Home Depot. However, if you have an issue that may be covered under warranty with your tractor that you purchased there, you have some extra calls you have to make before you can set up an appointment with us, rather if you buy it from us, we take care of everything for you!
Each tractor is a little different. Under the hoods of all new John Deere tractors, there is a sign with the manufacturer recommendations on when you should have your tractor serviced.
It is not recommended. Zero turns weight are all in the rear of the tractor, and it is controlled in the rear. If you mow hills with a zero turn you have a risk of the tractor rolling, or loosing control of the front tires because there is no control of the tires. All the control is in the back of the tractor.
We suggest the X500 or X700 series tractors. The X500 has an upgraded transmission, more heavier, and a differential lock designed to lock in the rear tires to gain tractor when your tires may spin. The next best option is the X700 series which comes in 4 Wheel Drive gas and diesel models. These are your best option when buying a tractor with a hillside that needs to be mowed due to the weight, tractor control, and stance of the tractor.
Equipment should always be serviced when the tractor indicates that service is needed. We also recommend that you should service your equipment before and after the season in which you use it. Winter is a great time to get your equipment serviced.
Depending on where the part is coming from, times may vary. Typically parts arrive in 1-2 days; some parts, including third-party and uncommon parts may take 3-5 days. We also have an option to overnight ship select parts. You can even order your parts online.

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John Deere uses a polymer hood to prevent rust and dents.
No, depending on the level of the tractor they start at a 12 gauge steel and work their way down to a heavier 7 gauge steel. John Deere's decks are stamped decks vs. majority of manufactures produce fabricated decks.
John Deere does this because a stamped deck is all one peice, therefore, having a lower chance of flaws.
Yes, using the Customer Portal.

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Yes, read more details here:

Your tractor should be stored out of the elements, for example, a garage, shed, carport, etc. The longer the tractor is kept out of the elements, the long life expectancy of the tractor.
In short, you can wash your tractor like a car. Use soap, water, and dry it clean with a rag. There is many ways to go about keeping your tractor clean, but ultimately you should keep it free of dirt and grime.
John Deere is a world wide company, so they are made and assembled throughout the world. Depending on the unit you are purchasing, several cities in the US (Hurcion, WI, Greenville, TN, Cary, NC, Augusta, GA) manufacture and assemble John Deere tractors.
John Deere no longer makes push mowers.
To check for details on hiring, visit our "Careers" tab where you can upload a resume.

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Yes, John Deere offers many diffrent schooling and classes.

Yes, there is always a financing option avaliable for every peice of John Deere equipment. The unit being purchased determines the intrest rate, along with different specials we run at diffrent times.
Every situation is different depending on the unit purchased, factors include the mileage from the store that the unit was purchased at. Picking up your own equipment is always another option.
Yes. Depending on what you are looking to demo, we always try to have units on hand at each location. For commercial mowing, we try to have demos in the spring/summer.
Every situation varies. We do not take entry level tractors or units that are not properly functioning.

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