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After-Hours Service

After-Hours Service is for repairs that can be made in a timely manner to keep a customer running. Repairs that would take more than a few hours will be scheduled with the Service Manager the following morning.   Call the number below for after hours support Monday through Friday 5pm - 9pm; Saturday, 12pm - 6pm.

Call Us for All After-Hours Service Needs

Call 814-237-1948 option 2 for all After-Hours Service.


$150 EMERGENCY SERVICE CALL Plus $170 per hour.

PLUS PARTS AFTER-HOURS FEE OF $75 If a Parts Salesperson must come to the store to pull parts.

SERVICE BY PHONE FEE OF $75 Customers who receive After-Hours service advice by phone (no on-site service call) will be charged a $75 fee.

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