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Monday, July 19, 2021

Daily Maintenance Tasks for Your Tractor

Before heading out for a long day, you should work through a daily checklist of maintenance tasks for your tractor. In the long run, regular maintenance will keep your tractor running smoothly day after day. You can also visit us at West Central Equipment and learn more from our experienced staff. We have locations across Pennsylvania. We are proud to serve Pennsylvania.


Visual Inspection

Before you ever turn the engine on, take a walk around your tractor. Look out for any new leaks or worn parts. Sometimes minor leaks might only require a quick tightening or replacement of a hose or clamp. Taking the time for these maintenance tasks can save you time later on if a leak becomes worse.

Before you turn the tractor on, you should also check the lights and other safety features. Properly working lights are essential if you take your tractor out on roads around your farm.

Check Radiator Fluid, Fuel Tank, adn Oil

The fluids in your tractor are the lifeblood of the machine. Proper maintenance means topping up low fluid levels and chaining oil regularly. Every day you should start by checking that the radiator fluid, or coolant, is at the recommended level. A significant loss of radiator fluid may indicate a serious problem.

Next, inspect the fuel tank. If you need to top it off with more fuel, you should also make sure that no water or sediments are in the sediment bowl. Depending on the season, you might put additives in the tank, too. Many manufacturers recommend anti-gelling additives in the winter and additives for lubrication in the summer.

The last and most critical fluid to assess on your tractor is the oil. If you keep up with regular maintenance tasks, the oil in your tractor should not require too much attention every day. One of the most fundamental tasks is changing the oil periodically, as designated in the owner's manual. Otherwise, monitor oil levels in case of extreme changes. You should never need to add more oil every day unless there is a leak or other issue.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Checking tire pressure is one of the simplest maintenance tasks you can complete every day. Too much or not enough air in your tires can impact the performance of your tractor. We recommend adjusting tire pressure to suit the intended tasks for the day, too. For example, you should reduce pressure before tilling soil. Road travel, in contrast, requires a few extra pounds of pressure for each tire.

Tractor maintenance is one of the most important tasks to complete every day on your farm. If you ever have questions or concerns about your tractor or other equipment, head to West Central Equipment. Our staff at locations across Pennsylvania would be happy to help you. We welcome customers From all over Pennsylvania.

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